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Monsters of Mican Press Kit


Monsters of Mican: a whimsical journey of strategy and story where humor meets adventure in a world crafted from nostalgia and adoration of retro dungeon crawler classics!



This adventure is a first person dungeon crawler taking direct inspiration from the classics while mixing in humor and lighthearted characters designed to appeal to both casual players and hardcore dungeon crawler fans alike.



Crafted over two years by a single developer, Monsters of Mican is a love letter to retro dungeon crawler games and the fun that they offered. Blankitt Productions drives to develop games that create that same joy that we all have had when we played our favorites back in the day, but with modern flair and quality of life.



  • Over 170 unique monster types, designed with humor in mind and or puns in their names!

  • Unique monster "trait" system, which can drastically change how monsters behave in combat!

  • Roguelike randomized loot elements!

  • A total of 14 dungeons to explore!

  • An original soundtrack featuring over 20 unique tracks!

  • Over 100 unique abilities and spells with a unique Magic System!

  • Unique and often goofy sound effects, mostly made vocally!

  • Yes you can pet the fox!



Set on Spiny Island within the fantastical world of Mican, "Monsters of Mican" unfolds shortly after the Albright Outpost, a bastion of civilization on the island, recently repelled monsters which burst forth from a nearby volcano and has enlisted the player and their party of mercenaries  to investigate and ensure the town's safety.


Players will navigate Spiny Island's treacherous dungeons, each offering challenges and opportunities for strategic combat, treasure hunting, loot collection, and party enhancements. As  the adventurers delve into the island's depths, they will unravel the ancient mysteries of the "Amalgam Anomaly"—a cataclysmic event that spawned the Monsters of Mican.

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